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Are you starting out learning guitar but not sure where to begin? Getting lost in a sea of endless information the internet has to offer? If so, this site is for you!

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Bronze Membership
1 month subscription which includes:
  • 10 Lesson beginner video course.
  • Beginner E - book
Silver Membership
3 month subscription which includes:
  • 10 lesson beginner video course
  • Beginner e - book
  • 10 Lesson Intermediate video course
  • Intermediate e - book
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6 month subscription which includes:
  • 10 lesson online video courses (beginner, intermediate & advanced)
  • 10 technique videos
  • All E - books
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Platinum Membership
1 year membership which includes:
  • All instructional videos
  • Online Forum
  • Q & A Webinars via Skype
  • Rikki's Recommendations (gear reviews and tips on equipment)
  •  70 % Discount on 1 to 1 skype lessons ( Depending on Availability)
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